MortgageA mortgage business magazine designed to:

- Promote area realtors, brokers, and brokerage offices.
- Increase effectiveness (and ultimately sales) of real estate professionals to clients and customers via information/education on current mortgage news, trends, and strategies in the Chicagoland market.
- 42,000 total email data base
- 32,000 real estate agents/brokers
- 10,000 real estate investors
Headline Publishing
Published quarterly each year, magazine Equity Financial – Mortgage and Real Estate News for Chicago:  

    ►seeks to help move real estate and lift the
    realty/mortgage freeze

    ►reports local mortgage and real estate news to
    Chicago-area realty professionals
    ►offers area realty professionals free publicity to
    promote their businesses via article submissions

    ►offers housing industry professionals and businesses reduced-rate

    ►hosts charity, networking, and social events in
    greater Chicago.
Headline Publishing Corporation (HP) maintains a commitment to report current real estate and mortgage trends and practices in Chicago.  We welcome article submissions from local professionals about real estate and mortgage, i.e., business practices and culture, environmental efforts, and technological advances.  And, please call us with your ideas or suggestions!  Further, we want to report the broad hands-on business experiences of Chicago-area housing/commercial professionals.

Currently, Headline Publishing Corporation (HP) publishes both online and hard copies of the magazine Equity Financial – Mortgage & Real Estate News for Chicago.  In the future, HP will expand to include other publications.

Headline Publishing Corporation aspires to serve people employing the best of traditional business values while utilizing new technology, ideas and practices that meet the demands of our ever-changing world.

While helping real estate brokers, agents and clients to establish, advance and reclaim their businesses and lives, Headline Publishing and Equity Financial Group (below) work to help empower our communities to prosper, our country to thrive, and our world to become a safer and more secure home for all.

HP publishes a variable number of hard-copy magazines to top-producing metro-Chicago mortgage and real estate offices, and emails copies to a 42,000 email data base (and growing).  This data base includes 32,000 real estate agents/brokerage offices, and 10,000 real estate investors.

Equity Financial Group (EFG) offers a full range of real estate, business, and personal mortgage/financial solutions to provide clients assistance and equity in a diverse marketplace.   Equity Financial employs a full staff of loan officers, processors, underwriters, and marketing personnel in both residential and commercial capacities.  In addition, we have a full staff of licensed mortgage consultants specializing in self-employed borrowers, credit-challenged individuals, and conventional borrowers.

We welcome inquiries at 888-808-0777.
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